The cool thing about Eclipse Phase is that the authors encourage us to pass the rules around in electronic form. These are all PDF files, and most are rather large. Not much can be done about that, sorry to say.
Quick Start RulesBasic summary to get your toes wet.
Core RulesA huge sourcebook plus the essential rules.
GatecrashingDetails about travel and exploration of exoplanets via the Pandora Gates.
PanopticonSourcebook for detailed info on habitats, surveillance, and uplifts.
SunwardThe inner system (Mars to the Sun).
Character SheetA character sheet if you feel like trying your hand at spinning one up. (see me for a guided experience)
Character QuestionnaireA series of questions designed to help you flesh out your character. You should be able to answer all of these.

Here is the beginnings of a quick-reference tool that I'm building for the game. It's very rough; right now it's limited to a core rules reference. I plan to get the source material, GM's section, and the supplement books imported before I call it done.

Here are all of the HTML files, zipped up for download and local use.