Pathfinder Rules Reference

Character Files Class Link Notes
Erendiel PDF PCGen Cleric 5  
Gogen PDF PCGen Monk 5  
Kiri PDF PCGen Sorcerer 5  
Malzahar PDF PCGen Wizard 5  
Pacero PDF PCGen Inquisitor 5  
Trum PDF PCGen Barbarian 4/Fighter 1  

All players should take responsibility for printing and bringing their own character sheet to the game. I can continue character management, or you can use the PCGen notes below to manage your character. All PCGen file modifications should be sent to me at least 24 hours before the next game session so I can review them.

Falcon's Hollow is a company town, owned by the Lumber Consortium.  You can find most things on the standard equipment list (Core Rules, Advanced Rules) that are worth less that 50gp, but items will cost 50% more than the listed price.  More expensive items, please come with a shopping list to next game or work it out with Tom beforehand.

Riding horses (not combat-trained) are available for 110 gp. 

Useful skills to consider
  • Disable Device
  • Handle Animal
  • Knowledge: Arcana
  • Knowledge: Dungeoneering
  • Knowledge: Engineering
  • Knowledge: Geography
  • Knowledge: History
  • Knowledge: Local
  • Knowledge: Nature
  • Knowledge: Nobility
  • Knowledge: Planes
  • Knowledge: Religion
  • Linguistics (learn a new language, requires a teacher)
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Spellcraft
  • Use Magic Device
These cannot be used (and won't show up on your character sheet) without at least 1 rank in them.


This is the version of PCGen I use: Mac Windows

You will also need the Ultimate Magic dataset.

Once installed, open PCGen, go to File|Preferences, and select the "Experience Table" page. Set it to Fast.

Do Tools|Install Data and find the Ultimate Magic Dataset file.

Finally, the source material editor should enable you to select the following source materials:

With all of that set up, you should be able to load your character. If your character has special equipment, it may throw some errors. See if you can mess with it anyway, and export a PDF file that shows the character in a correct state. If you have problems, I'll help you reconstruct the customized items your character is carrying so that you won't get errors.