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I sometimes wish I had an old beat up car to drive to work, so I could have some of these on display. Guess I'll just have to settle for blogging them. Here's some of my favorites:

The 2nd Amendment IS the equal rights amendment

Pro-environment, pro-human, pro-capitalism

I'm pro-choice on everything!

My vehicle, my choice: keep your laws off my SUV

Those who can, do; those who can't, govern

The DEA: practicing medicine without a license

Save the environment: Repeal a Law

Corporations are created by governments

Give Iraq OUR constitution: we're not using it!

Ignore your rights and they'll go away

I fear government more than terrorism

How on Earth could 121,068,721 people be so dumb?

That last is the number of people, according to one website, voting either Republican or Democrat in the 2004 presidential election. I thought about adding in the Nader voters, but figured that would be petty.

The cream of the crop, in my opinion, are these:

God gave you free will, libertarians let you use it

Just vote libertarian until you're too free

The beast won't starve itself

And of course, no list of this sort would be complete without the classic:

Who is John Galt?