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One of the exercises in my routine is the weighted dip. Basically, I attach weight plates to a belt, then do dips. This is good for the triceps primarily, but it probably hits some rotator dealies in the shoulder and a little bit of the chest as well. Triceps are a hard muscle to measure in terms of progress. You can't really flex them, and most motions that involve them (pushing) use them only secondarily. I just do the exercise because I'm supposed to.

It must be doing some good, however, because one of the bright spots of my past week was a time that's usually a low spot: getting my allergy shots. These are administered in the back of the arm, in the tricep area. The procedure involves the nurse pinching some flab on the back of the arm, jabbing a needle into it, and squirting in the allergy juice.

This time around, the nurse kept trying to pinch me, but her fingers kept slipping off without getting a good grip. I was just becoming aware of the fact that she'd tried to pinch me about 6 times when she said, "I can't get a good grip on you" and settled for attempting to wrap her whole hand around the tricep and squeeze it like a giant summer sausage. The stabbing commenced, but I didn't notice. The comment did wonders for my ego, and it was all I could do not to strut out to the waiting room, flexing the whole way and grunting like the Incredible Hulk.

And of course, when I did my first workout after the incident, I made sure to do extra sets of dips. Can't mess with success.