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I am absolutely aghast at this video, in which an adult male is so utterly traumatized by the idea of firing a rifle that he starts crying before it even starts. When he finally pulls the trigger, he literally screams in fear/horror.

I find myself wondering what namby-pamby society produced this guy. He sounds Dutch or German or something, but Germans are supposed to be tough guys. I know that if I were his father, I would consider myself an utter failure. I don't care so much that he's apparently gay (says "Gay Army" on the sweatshirts)... I've known gay dudes way tougher than little ol' me. But there's no real excuse for being that much of a coward.

Granted, it may be that he has some deep dark experience in his past that makes him such a wimp, but it may also be that he's just a wimp. Either way, he needs some serious "man-up" therapy.

If my 2-year-old nephew Oliver turns out this wimpy, I'll probably have to go smack my brother around a bit. That would be a shame, because we're honestly getting to be too old for that crap.