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Original Post:

Stop me if you've heard this before...

That attack only at night
Because they're afraid of/injured by sunlight
But one man has the skills, the knowledge, and the ability to stand up to them

Dracula? No. Pitch Black? No.

I am Legend -- apparently there needs to be a new sub-genre, called "Be Afraid of the Dark". This has happened way too many times. Oh yeah, there's some elements of a disaster/post-apocalyptic plot in there too.

However, unlike some (Tom the Impaler), I don't see rehashing a worn-out plot device as automatic disqualification. Some movies do the worn-out plot device better than others. I am Legend is not such a film. No, it is merely a basically competent entry, without much depth, a couple of really good missed opportunities, and one technical gaffe that drove me bananas when I saw it (what exactly is an SR-71 Blackbird doing on an aircraft carrier?)

The thing that really drove me nuts, however, was the idiot parents in front of me who brought their 4ish-year-old son to a movie where monsters are constantly attacking the hero with loud snarls and other frightening sounds/imagery. The poor kid was screaming and hiding his eyes in mom's blouse while she sat there basically oblivious to it all. And here's the kicker: This is in a movie theater where they have a freakin' daycare!!!

That's right, folks. Given the choice between buying junior a ticket to see a movie that will have him wetting the bed for the next 6 months and spending the same amount of money to put him in a cozy room with a couple of nice ladies and a metric buttload of toys, these two Mensa members went for option A.




This has happened before. I went to see The Mummy (great movie, by the way), and some retard next to us brought two young boys to see that one. What is with parents today? I just know that 15 or 20 years from now these same morons will be talking to police, saying "I don't know why my son has emotional problems and shot up his school today... he had a normal childhood..."


The movie? 4 out of 10. The parents? Boot to the head.