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Holy crap...

So we're trying to get me hooked up on the VPN for work. It's all arcane mumbo-jumbo to me, so I'm just doing what I'm told. At some point, I have to edit the "hosts" file to include a map to our sourcecode repository. No big deal... click the file, open in Notepad, add the lines as instructed, hit "File->Save".

That's when it all hits the fan. Notepad says it can't create the file. That confuses me... I didn't tell it to create anything. I told it to save the file I edited. Technically, it's an overwrite. My boss and I try a half-dozen different ways to get it to save, no luck. Eventually, Vista gives us a clue and says that I need to be an administrator to edit that file.

So we go to the Control Panel, click the "User Accounts" dealie, and right there under my name, it says "Administrator".


Nick says we need to turn off User Account Control to get it to let me have administrator rights. What the hell? It says I'm an administrator. I should therefore have administrative rights. Apparently I'm a figurehead.

So we turn off the User Account Control, which Vista complains bitterly about, practically begging me to leave it on. I briefly wonder if it'll let me do what I need to do if I let it have its way, but Nick's in a hurry so I tell Vista to go jump in a lake, turn off the control, and reboot.

An aside about rebooting: When you get a BRAND NEW computer with Vista, expect to have it reboot at least a dozen times the first day. Vista is constantly installing patches and upgrades, as are all the various junk software packages that come "bundled" with your computer, so it's a long day as all these things install, configure, reboot, and generally try to make sure you can't use the computer at all. Not to mention the fact that every update that runs activates the annoying security dealie that asks if you started the program, if you really want to run it, and if you wouldn't rather be using a Mac (yes, yes, and hell yes).

Anyway, I'm back up and running again, without the UAC, which I'm sure means something incredibly dire for some distant moment in the future. But for now, I guess everything might be working OK.

"You are about to bang your head against a wall. Cancel or Allow?"