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-- Robert A. Heinlein
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    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    Look ladies...

    ... you either want equality or you don't. None of this crap about having it both ways. As in this story about the Manitoba High School's recent decision to allow girls to try out for the boys' hockey team:

    Morris Glimcher, executive director of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association, said Tuesday that several requests from boys wanting to play on girls' teams started coming shortly after the ruling was handed down on Friday.

    "We've had five requests already from boys saying: 'In the past, we haven't been eligible. But my school doesn't have a boys' team and we have a girls' team and we'd like to play,' " Glimcher said Tuesday.

    "Now that the rule has come down, I guess what they're saying [is] if it's gender equity, then let's make it gender equity. And that's the general theme of the calls that I've been getting."

    So far, so good, right? Read on:

    "If we get four guys or five guys going out for the [girls'] basketball team, there's four or five females that won't make the team and I dare say a bunch of other ones aren't going to compete and we could end up with some female teams being made up of mostly men.

    "We worked very, very hard to promote and build up female participation in sports," Glimcher added.

    "Everything that our organization has done is based gender-equal. And if we all of a sudden get an influx of males participating, it could affect female participation and that would be a travesty."

    Back the hell up, jerky. Either the teams are gender-neutral, or they're not. Either women compete on equal footing with men, or they don't. This crap about letting them compete against men in one arena but reserving a "girls-only" alternative is BS. It's stuff like this that makes feminism look like nothing more than a really bad joke.

    My opinion: re-segregate the teams. Otherwise you're going to wind up with one of two results. Either you'll have to face the fact that women can't compete equally with men where physical strength and endurance are involved -- which we know won't happen, leaving option 2 -- sports will go into the crapper as "affirmative action"-style policies start making politics more important than ability. Neither of which is a good result from any sane person's point of view.

    Posted by Tom, 9/26/2006 6:06:34 PM (Permalink). 1 Comment. Leave a comment...

    This is not feminism, it's reverse sexism.

    I think if you have non-competitive teams, let them be gender mixed. Boys and girls can learn a lot from playing with each other. (No innuendo intended.) But if it's competitive, I think separate leagues are called for in physically demanding sports.

    -- PastorFreud