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-- Robert A. Heinlein
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    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Board Game Organization: Arkham Horror

    Finally, I come to the one that had me stymied for a while: Arkham Horror

    Arkham Horror's pieces are legion. The board is huge. There's multiple decks of cards to keep organized. The skill mechanics beg for extra dice and the random monsters beg for my patented Crown Royal bag solution.


    Note that this is without expansions. I found this on the intarweb, depicting just the pieces (not the boards) for the game with all the expansions:

    I started, as I always did, with one of the large Plano boxes like I used for Wiz War. Unfortunately, while this held almost all the parts, it wouldn't fit in the box with the factory insert, and wouldn't play well with the cards either.

    It helps to remember that one of my goals is also to enhance the play experience, so I wanted a good "bank" of tokens. For this I found the Plano 3447, which handles the health, sanity, and money tokens nicely:

    Turning back to the stash I'd put together on my first trip, I had these:

    Two of these organized the monsters, including a nice separate area for the Mask monsters which need to be sorted out per the game rules:

    A third one held the clue tokens, doom/elder signs, shop closing, and other items:

    To hold the investigator tokens without having to take them off the bases (which would eventually damage them), I grabbed a pair of Plano 3448 boxes, which could hold 2 investigators in each compartment:

    Finally, I stacked these carefully in the box, leaving the insert in place for the card organization, game dice, and gate tokens, while also adding a nice stack o' dice for spreading around as needed:

    Then added a second layer:

    Finally, added the investigator sheets and a Crown Royal bag:


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