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-- Robert A. Heinlein
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    Monday, December 10, 2007

    Church shooting ended by CCW

    And AGAIN, we have a mass shooting cut short by a law-abiding citizen, not a member of law enforcement, who employed their personal weapon. From the church shooting yesterday in Colorado:

    "She probably saved over a hundred lives," [Senior Pastor Brady] Boyd said of the guard, whom he said is not a law enforcement officer and used her personal weapon.

    Every other article I've read (about a dozen so far) simply describes her as a member of the church's "armed security force", leaving the impression that she is quasi-law enforcement. She is not. She is an independent volunteer, carrying a concealed weapon with a license. The media's incompetence at reporting firearm stories is utterly reprehensible.

    I for one think it's great that the church decided to embrace and incorporate the willingness of certain citizens/members to be armed and ready to deal with situations like this. More churches should reach out to their gun-owning members that way.

    Posted by Tom, 12/10/2007 7:32:31 AM (Permalink). 3 Comments. Leave a comment...

    Saw either the same or different interview of the pastor and he also added that the gunman got less than 50 feet into their church before he was stopped.

    I believe he described her, the woman who shot the gunman, as a well trained volunteer but made no mention of her training or regular profession.

    I got the impression he was being very circumspect on her identity and leaving it to her to talk or not talk to the press.

    -- Mike Gorman

    Wish she'd been at that mall a week ago....

    -- Vortmax

    It does appear that in the past she did work as a police officer. It does not appear that she is presently employed as one though. Despite that it is nice to see a church that allows its parishioners to protect themselves and to see a person stop an attack.

    Here in Ohio we can carry at church but only with permission of the person in charge of that congregation. I would carry but I do not think it fair to ask another individual to give or deny me that ability. With either decision that person might later regret the decision if a situation arose, whether the CCW carrier screwed up or not and I feel it is not fair to put them in that situation. If I could carry legally without forcing my priest into that decision I would.

    -- mcb